Taiwan's top grade sun dried salt (40g) 夕遊鹽 臺灣頂級全日曬鹽花(40g)

Taiwan's top grade sun dried salt (40g) 臺灣頂級全日曬鹽花(40g)
Manufacturer: 夕遊鹽
SKU: NT-tnshio-0002

This top grade salt is rich in minerals, low in sodium, and low in salt. They have a rich flavor and they can enhance the flavor of food ingredients to another level. They are necessary seasonings for many high-grade dishes. Salt crystal is a thin layer of salt that floats in the uppermost layer of salt water. It is light, thin, transparent and brittle. The color is pure white. It must be collected manually and the yield is scarce. It is an extremely precious product. Precious salt flowers should not be boiled for a long time. It is advisable to sprinkle it directly on the baked or boiled ingredients to provide a natural and sweet taste.

The salt of Tainan is derived from Taiwan’s oldest “Tai-Nan-Jian-Zi-Wan Pan-Yantian” in Taiwan, and is made using the most traditional method of daily salt drying. It takes 20 to 30 days of continuous weather without rain. To generate, the Tainan North Gate has the advantages of natural terrain and climate, so that the white salt crystals can retain the most natural and abundant minerals. Naturally enjoying delicious food, it is also healthy and healthy.


台南手工鹽品牌夕遊鹽,取材於台灣最古老的「台南北門井仔腳瓦盤鹽田」,採用最傳統的天日曬鹽工法製成,需經過連續 20~30天沒有下雨的氣候才能生成,台南北門具有天然地形與氣候的優勢,如此才能讓潔白鹽結晶保留住最天然豐富的礦物質,天然享受美味的同時也健康養身。